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We are embarking on an unknown parth.  Our organization is envisioning and implementing scalable solutions to the crisis in Black students' education.  This is to begin to present my experiences and solutions to the current state of Black STEM education.  It is my hope that after perusing this information, the reader would better understand the who, what, why, when, and how our community  can wrest control of the system, such that parents, communities and all interested stakeholders will have real power to actively and effectively participate in the building of a NEW school district that meets the need of ALL constituents.


To that end I am presenting my untitled STORY that presents a thirty year record of data, analysis and achievements that has been directed towards Black students' academic success.  This LINK  presents research around Charter Schools creation and other publications.

Below are a series of links that are presented to give some background regarding the scope of experience we bring to the community.

Math & Science Websites & Videos

Capability Statement  -  Selected Projects and Awards

Cal State LA Atom Smasher - Video of .5 MeV Van de Graff Accelerator

The Black Zero Index Promo Website and Videos - Historic Compilation of Black Student's Math Achievement

STEM Lab Video  -STEM54 Video

www.stemparentsnetwork.com – Parent Advocacy and Training Site

Empowered Parent Math  -  Math Parent Training Workshops

http://www.stem54.com/  – STEM54 Math Science Lab Website

www.stemerc.com - STEM Education and Research Collaborative (STEMERC) Website

Mobile Science Lab Class  -  MMSL In-Class Video Maybe

MMSL-LA Website – Science Enrichment Program

Tools for Early Childhood Math - Math Tools and Manipulatives

In-Class STEM Tablet Learning  -  STEM Tablet Learning In-Class Video

http://www.base10abacus.com  - Math Tools and Manipulatives

In-Class Abacus Exercises  -  Base Ten Abacus Class

http://www.countingtenframe.com/ - Math Tools and Manipulatives

In Class Abacus Usage Base Ten Abacus In-Class Video

March for Science  -  March for Science Speech 2017 Begins at 1:26:52


Personal & Business Websites  & Videos

www.michaelbatie.com – Professional Website

www.acrossamerica2001.com- Cross Country Biccyle Ride Website

www.successnet.net – ISP Website

STEM 54 Video  -  Dr. Batie @ STEM54

Biographical Video (6 Mins.)  -  My Granddad

ISP Commercial    -  Successnet.net Commercial Video

LA Metro Protest Speech  -  Community Advocacy Video


Publications and Podcasts

Capability Statement  -  Selected Projects and Awards

The Creation of an Accelerated School  -  Masters’ Thesis

Charter Schools and Markets  -  My Published Doctoral Dissertation

Housing and Segregation  -  Published Journal Article

Life's Photographs  -  Background Historic Photos

The BZI Promo Video  -  The Black Zero Index Sizzle Reel

HBCU PodCast  -  HBCU Podcast for my Comments on Math